Mom Takes Girl To Temple To ‘Cure Her’, Turns Out Her Dad Sexually Assaulted Her For A Year.

Are girls safe anywhere? I mean anywhere? If you could think even for a moment at home, then this is a wake-up call. A gory incident from Bengaluru has come to light where a father sexually harassed his own daughter, in his inebriated state for over a year.

Ramesh, a Bengaluru-based, 44-year-old man was arrested by Rajagopalnagar police on charges of assaulting his 14-year-old daughter.

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He raped her for over a year when his wife was away at work. And even threatened his daughter that if she told anyone about it, he would kill her and her mother. He even blackmailed her that if the mother found out about the incident, she would commit suicide.

The girl was asked on many occasions — after the neighbours told Ramesh wife’s of her husband’s sexual advances towards the teenage girl — but out of fear, she denied the allegations.


But what her mother did next, has left us even more shocked. She thought her daughter’s behaviour was a bit off and hence, took her to a temple, to cure her.

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It was then, the girl opened up about the assault. But no one believed her at first. So, the mom questioned the husband in front of relatives, who too denied the allegations. Following this, they took her to a temple to swear on God, and when the girl did that, it was then that an official complaint was filed against the father. The case was registered under the Pocso Act and investigation is in the process.

I ask again, is a girl/woman safe, ANYWHERE?

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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