Chilling Video Shows Terrified Dad Trying His Best To Protect Son From Explosion In Beirut


Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon yesterday witnessed a massive explosion that has till now killed at least 70 people and injured more than 4,000 others, reported BBC. The exact reason of this devastating incident at the city’s port hasn’t been determined yet, but the state officials are assuming that the explosion happened due to the storage of highly explosive materials in a warehouse for over 6 years. An investigation into the matter is underway and rescue operations have commenced.

The internet is currently flooded with distressing visuals from the blast.

However, one video that caught our attention was of a father trying his best to save his child from the explosion.

In the footage captured on CCTV, the terrified dad can be seen carrying his son in his arms, helplessly running across the room, trying every possible way to safeguard him from being hurt.

People online were in tears on watching the heart-rending video:

In another video, a lady can be seen doing the same for the child playing in the balcony.

Following the blast, Lebanese President Michel Aoun declared a three-day mourning period and announced the release of emergency funds. As of now, the nearby hospitals are over-capacitated by injured people.

My heart hurts watching the parents protecting their kids from the adverse situation. Our prayers are with them and all the people of Lebanon.

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