‘Jall Lijiye’ Says Desi Twitter After Dad Roasts Son For Incorrectly Ordering Food Online

It’s been proven that desi dads are savage, funny, and supportive with a pure and warm heart. They know how to roast and embarrass their kids but they are also the ones who will send you encouraging letters on your gloomy days.

Recently, a boy shared how he got roasted by his dad in his family WhatsApp group and I am most definite that most of us have also been in a similar situation like his at least once.

His dad got the golden opportunity to take a dig at him when the food order that he placed got delivered to a different address.

Sharing a screengrab of their conversation, Twitter user Jitu wrote that he wanted to eat roasted chicken but got roasted instead. His mom responding with 😂 😂 will make you ROFL!

Jitu also shared how his dad would simply remove him from the group chat agar usney zyada muh lagaya papa se.

People online had a good laugh at Jitu’s embarrassing situation and his parents taking the cake.

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After being burned so bad, Jitu:

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