Desi Dad Sarcastically Roasts Daughter For Being Lazy In Music Video

Sarcasm is every Indian parent’s go-to weapon when they want to humiliate their kid. And TBH, it hurts more than the flying chappal. In the past three months of staying with my parents amid the coronavirus lockdown, there hasn’t been a day when my mother hasn’t scolded me for ‘being glued to the bed’. FYI, I have a full-time job.

And like all desi parents, this dad’s also pissed with her daughter for being lazy. Hence, he decided to vent out his frustration by roasting her, reported News18.

In a video shared online, Boston based media artist Sheena Melwani can be seen playing the piano while singing a song with her improved lyrics. As she goes on to sing, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything” her dad from the background joins in to tell the world how lazy she is. He says, “What’s new?”

Bursting into laughter, she continues to sing, “I just wanna lay in my bed,” to which her dad responds that she never wears pants and her “Patloon’s hanging on the Pelatoon bike for 3 days.” (sic)

Here’s the hilarious video:

People on Twitter loved the cute banter between the daughter and her dad.

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In another video, the dad can be seen urging the ‘Boston country jail’ to take his daughter as she’s been troubling him day and night.

Here’s a recent video of their repartee.

IMO, this video perfectly demonstrates the emotions of desi parents and their kids. While the parent keeps ranting, the child has no option than to laugh it out. Did you relate to it?

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