Desi Dad Does Hilarious Goof-up As He Mistakes Investment Guy As Groom For Daughter

Even in today’s day and age, a parent’s ultimate job is to get their kid married and watch them have a happy family. This is why most of them start stressing out when the child reaches the ‘marriageable age’.

Twitter user Harsha Ramachandra’s mom was also desperate to see her daughter ‘settled’. Hence, she used to pester her husband to look for a groom for Harsha.

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But her eagerness and her dad’s inattentiveness ended up creating an awkward situation that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Taking to the microblogging site, Harsha shared the funniest matrimonial story ever. Sharing how her mom would tell her dad to do something for her wedding, she wrote:

“So let me tell you my funny story- my mother would get on my father’s case to get me married, do something, call someone look online, etc. So one afternoon he got a call and he said yes yea come home. He announced to my mother that some man is coming with an alliance, mom got all excited.”

On hearing that there was a prospective groom coming to meet their daughter with his alliance, her mom got excited. But, unlike what they expected, there came an elderly man.

All three of them were perplexed at seeing that guy. But out of courtesy, they gave him a warm welcome. But finally, breaking the awkward silence, the guy asked Harsha’s dad, ‘aap kitna invest karoge?’ (How much will you invest?)

“Excited. One uncle-type guy came home my father invited him inside and offered him tea. That man was stumped, he had the tea. He was awkward my dad was awkward finally the guy asked my dad aap kitna invest was totally baffled. This is about my daughter’s marriage” (sic)

The guy then revealed that he was from Bajaj Allianz. So apparently, Harsha’s dad heard Allianz as Alliance on the call and everything since then was just a goof-up.

On hearing what happened with Harsha, people had a good laugh.

I’m sure no one saw that coming. Hope uncle ji is fine after this blunder. 🤣

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