Single Father Seeks Advice On How To Make Daughter Comfortable On Her 1st Period

Time and again, people have turned to social media applications to seek advice from others who might have been in their shoes already. Earlier, desis gave advice to a soon-to-be-married woman who would be shifting to in-law’s place. Men on Reddit also shared advice they had for women.

Now, a single dad has taken to Reddit to seek advice from people on how to make his 12-year-old daughter comfortable during her first period.

single father needs some tips for his daugther’s 1st period. from askwomenadvice

And like superheroes, people online came in to rescue this guy from the dilemma and provided him with some wholesome advice to handle the situation better. Take a look at some of our favorites:

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 Handling cramps.

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Buying different sizes of pads helps.

Patiently dealing with her.

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Watching educational videos and reading books.

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Things to keep handy.

It’s awesome to see a man giving so much importance to his daughter’s menstruation and also putting efforts to make her feel less dejected and anxious. Reflects so much about the bond they share.

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