Dad Dragging His Daughter At The Airport Is So Relatable, Parents Are Saying ‘I Feel You’

Traveling with kids comes with its own share of joys and woes. You do avoid the ever-annoying “Are we there yet?” questions by flying instead of making a road trip. However, navigating bustling airports full of hassled travelers is no recipe for happiness with your children in tow. One such dad traveling with his daughters devised an intriguing way to combat this conundrum!

A video filmed dragging his daughter by her hood through Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia. Now now, don’t jump and gun and call child protective services just yet. The girl did not appear to be unruly or being forced.

But the hassled-looking father of two looks quite weary as he tows his little girl through the airport (probably to board their flight). The little one is dressed in a pink hoodie and seems quite content with her unexpected means of transportation!

This scene left a fellow traveler in splits of laughter as he hastened to capture the hilarious scene on video. The videographer wrote-

“I was waiting at Dulles International Airport to pick up my girlfriend on New Year’s Day when I noticed this father literally dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her jacket.

“She wasn’t screaming or anything, just hanging out while another girl, presumably her sister, was walking 20 feet behind her out of embarrassment,” he explained reports Fox news. Take a look at the video-

The video soon went viral, earning the dad much praise from netizens and parents who’d faced similar travel woes. Check out these reactions!

“Sometimes kids just don’t listen to reason. Gotta do what ya gotta do when dealing with stubborn humans. No harm was done here!” said one netizen.

Another aptly quipped a caption for the video- “Dad level 9000”

Some YouTuber users proclaimed “give this man a medal,” while others commented, “Anyone with toddlers can understand this.”

Clearly, parenting is no easy task. But this dad proves that a bit of wit and lots of humor might just help you hack your way through!