Before Dying, Dad With Cancer Paid For Flowers To Be Sent For Daughter’s Next 5 Birthdays

I’m a daddy’s li’l and mumma’s big girl. And, both are the bonds that cannot be replaced or compensated in this world of ours. A mere thought of losing them makes well up. But, it is this world only where people lose either or both of their parents and it’s a harrowing thought.

Does life be the same? Not same, but it moves on. On the inter-web, we find stories from all walks of life. Some touch us more than others. Today, we chanced upon a sad yet beautiful tale of a father looking out for his baby girl, even after death.

Michael William Sellers, passed away from cancer at age 56 when his daughter Bailey Sellers was just 16 years old.

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But, before passing away, his father did the most wonderful thing that helped his teen daughter cope. Before cancer claimed his life, he pre-ordered for flowers to be delivered on his daughter’s birthdays for the next five years, i.e until she turned 21.

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And, it was Bailey’s 21st birthday a few days ago and she took to Twitter to share the last bouquet her father had arranged for her.

It had a note attached and it’s melting our hearts.

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I’m not crying, you are crying!

The whole thing has made not only me, but the whole Twitterverse emotional. They chimed in!

Some hearts were warmed.

Some were really hurt.

Some just couldn’t hold back their tears.


The tweet has over 14 lakh likes and over 3.5 lakh re-tweets. Seeing that Bailey tweeted,

This is giving us P.S. I Love You feels. Indeed her dad’s thoughtfulness has won many hearts and is continuing to do so.