Dad Acquitted Of Sexually Assaulting 11-YO Daughter After She Asks To Live With Him

In October 2020, a 35-year-old man was arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting his 11-year-old daughter. The alleged incident happened in August 2020 and the man faced trial under a special POSCO court recently.

According to India Today, the daughter insisted on living with her single father instead of her mother and told the court that she had made the earlier allegations because her cousin asked her to. The accused also added that he had made remarks about the cousin’s character and that’s why she falsely implicated him.

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TOI reports the court saying,

“The prosecution has failed to produce on record cogent and reliable evidence. The prosecutrix (daughter) was not ready to go with her mother to Panvel when her mother asked her to. Not only the prosecutrix, but her two sisters are also staying with their father. It is brought on record that the accused being her father would take care of her, even focusing on her studies and cooking for her…so it is not digestible and is difficult to believe that the father did any wrong thing with the prosecutrix.”

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The court pointed out that the accused had not hired a lawyer and continued to deny any wrongdoing on his part. Observing that the daughter would not want to live with her father if she was abused by him and the fact that she was living with her cousin when he was in jail and thus could not pressurize her, the court acquitted the man.

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