Dabur Shows Same-Sex Couple Celebrating Karva Chauth, But Twitter Is Divided

Representation matters, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. It is when films, advertisements, magazines, etc. show people from the said community and treat them normally as the rest of us, that our society will slowly move on from the stigma that is attached to them.

Such an attempt was made by Dabur, who in their new advertisement for Fem showed a same-sex couple celebrating Karva Chauth instead of a man and woman. Have a look:

However, the advertisement left several people online divided. On one hand, many lauded how finally, brands are representing LGBTQ+ people in their ads.

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On the other hand, many highlighted how even though the advertisement is ‘progressive’ in a way, it takes us 2 steps back as it continues to glorify skin-lightening and feeds society’s obsession with fair skin.

Progressive or not? What are your views about this ad? Tell us!

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