This Artist Made A Website For Her Husband And The Cute Comics Capture Their Love Story!

Some love stories are just too cute for words. I know many of us are averse to mushiness but I think when you find that right person, the sweetness automatically comes to you, it finds you and makes you do super cute things!

Alicia Souza and George Seemon is exactly that couple. This cool wife showcased her love in the most unconventional way- by making a website ( dedicated to their love with ultra cute illustrations.


Alicia says that when they started dating, it worked out easily. His constant “lectures” on how he loved her “seemed to work”.

“Six months into us dating and I couldn’t believe how easy this was. I don’t want to say that I thought he was ‘the one’ but he ticked nearly every box I ever had.”


And when George finally proposed to her, it was the sweetest gesture (in the literal sense too). He proposed with a box of candy rings! Yes, candy rings make so much more sense than flowers.


Her reply was no less unusual and it is bound to make you giggle.


Since Alicia is the “least ‘bride-y’ girl in the entire universe”, they decided to get married in a Sarkari office! Alicia writes,

“We signed our marriage registration papers with a few friends, and realised how I suddenly LOVED saying the word ‘husband’. I also may be the only person who pinched their husbands bum in a government office. “


She made this website to announce about her wedding and to make up to her husband for not being a traditional bride. So AMAZING!

“George, I refused to wear a white gown and walk down an aisle but it would be a pleasure to make up for it in every way possible for the rest of our lives by being a corny wife.”


Super cool illustrations fill the pages of this one of a kind website. Alicia has beautifully captured the everyday moments in their life and you cannot help but go aww!

1. We are familiar with this, aren’t we?


2. The only way to make them notice!


3. Every valentine’s day ever!


George and Alicia live with their pets and their love story is nothing short of EPIC! I mean, too much dopamine in my brain right now!

Such cute illustrations and so much of creativity. George is one lucky husband!

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