13 Cute Dog Comics To Prove How Living With A Dog Is Much Better Than Living With A Human!

Dogs are selfless creatures but looking at a dog from a distance and ‘aww’-ing at it and living with one has a world of difference. While we may want to believe that dogs are the angels of the Earth, their owners have a mischievous facet to unveil regarding their dogs.

Meet Gemma Gene, an artist who will woo you with her paw-dorable illustrations of her life with her cute pug Mochi. Judging from her illustrations, we can guarantee that you will also fall in love with the four-legged bundle of joy.


1. Putting comfort over white sofas forever!


2. Only they can have a lion’s share of your love.


3. Visits to the vet are always a pain.


4. Vacuums are the eternal enemy!


5. He’s not wrong you know!

What would your dog do if a burglar breaks into your house? I am pretty sure this is what Mochi would do! The other day @_srperro wrote an article with videos where they recorded dogs reactions when a guy pretended to break in houses and steal a bunch of stuff. It was hilarious because all dogs were more than welcoming. You can find a direct link to the article on my facebook page or at 157ofgemma.com …………………………….. M: Bienvenido! Me llamo Mochi L: Hola…sabes dónde están los objetos de valor? M: Claro, sígueme! Como reaccionaría tu perro si entraran a robar en casa? Yo estoy segura de que Mochi reaccionaría así! El otro dia el @_srperro publicó un artículo con videos donde filmaban la reacción de perros cuando un hombre hacía ver que entraba en casa y robaba unas cuantas cosas. Era graciosísimo porque los perros eran la mar de simpáticos con él. Podéis encontrar el link del artículo en mi facebook o 157ofgemma.com Tenéis la viñeta en español en el facebook "157ofgemma – en español"

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6. How dare you leave them and focus elsewhere?!

When I used to have office jobs this idea hunted me so much. Even though Mochi never stayed at home alone I was very sad to think he didn't understand why I spend so many hours away…I am very happy to work from home now, but he still puts up a little number every time I leave the apartment. I guess this is what he thinks I am doing while I am out 😂 ………………………….. G: Tengo que ir a trabajar… M: No… "TRABAJO" Cuando trabajaba fuera de casa, aunque Mochi nunca se quedaba solo, me daba mucha pena pensar que él no entendía por que tenía que pasar tanto tiempo fuera. Estoy muy contenta de trabajar desde casa ahora, aunque Mochi me monta un numerito igualmente cada vez que salgo…supongo que esto es lo que cree que estoy haciendo…😂

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7. Always up for snuggles


8. The mood for food.


9. Jo tera hai wo mera hai! Jo mera hai wo mera!


10. You can always rely on them for support when you feel down in the dumps.

There is nothing better than Mochi's support! I will be a little bit absent for the next two weeks because I am getting ready for my solo show in Barcelona (more info on my art ig @gemma_gene) you are all invited, of course! In 2 weeks I will resume normal posting. Also…there is something very exciting comming up! (It's not babies or puppies…before you get too excited 😉) ………………………… G: Soy lo peor! M: Mami, eres la más mejor! No hay nada como el amor de un carlino para subir el ánimo! Voy a estar un poco ausente las próximas dos semanas mientras preparo mi exposición en Barcelona (mas info en mi ig de arte @gemma_gene) y estáis todos invitados por supuesto! En 2 semanas volveré a colgar dibujos como siempre. Estoy preparando algo muy emocionante…os lo contaré en breve! (No són bebés ni cachorros antes de que empecéis a sospechar cosas raras…😉)

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11. Because he has got your back!


12. Borderline ‘ewww’ but still SO CUTE!


13. Okay, I love you too!

Did these comics make you feel warm and fuzzy because now I want a furball for myself, no matter how mischievous they are!