Customers Throng Delhi Couple’s Dhaba After Video Of Them Crying Goes Viral, See Visuals

Recently, an elderly couple in Delhi were left teary-eyed as they struggled to make ends meet. Due to the lack of customers at their dhaba, the two were left devastated as they barely earned any money. After a video of them went viral, several celebrities extended their support to the couple and called for help, sharing the video on their timelines.

And now, after a few hours, Baba Ka Dhaba is flooding with customers! People took to Twitter to post pictures and videos of several people who gathered around the eatery to support the elderly couple. There are visuals of people eating the dhaba’s food and showing immense love to the couple! Have a look:

There were also some who helped the couple financially. One person donated as much as Rs 10,000! Someone else made sure that the couple doesn’t run out of ration.

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People sitting at home also donated money to help the dhaba thrive as their UPI code went viral online!

Such incidents restore our faith in humanity. Choose to be kind, always! 🙂

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