Move Over Keto, Crying Between 7 PM & 10 PM Can Help You Lose Weight, Claims Study!

Whenever a new year begins, we set a resolution for ourselves that we’ll burn the extra calories and achieve our target weight. But alas, resolutions don’t last very long and gym memberships lay unused. After a while, we fall back on our fast food diets and start sleeping in instead of waking up early and going for a run. Which is why when we find ‘cheat’ ways to lose weight, we’re all ears. Coffee, for example, can stimulate brown fat cells and help burn blood sugar and excess fat.

Also, new research conducted by Dr. Aaron Neufeld from the Los Altos Optometric Group shows that crying can help shed the extra kilos. And the best time to do it is between 7 pm and 10 pm!

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Wondering how that’s even possible? Australian Men’s Health reports that tears can remove substances from the body that would otherwise be toxic. They also successfully mitigate stress.

Tears can be classified into 3 types: Basal tears that prevent dryness of eyes, Reflex tears that appear in response to irritants like dust/smoke and lastly Psychic tears that are produced due our feelings and emotions. It is these psychic tears that aid in weight loss.

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Essentially, when we feel strong emotions of pain, sadness, loss or stress and decide to bottle up those feelings, hormones in our body heighten the cortisol levels and start storing more fat. But when we let out these emotions through crying, the hormones are also released. Ergo, no storage of fat.

However, the study warns that only tears induced by real emotions can have this effect on the body. Somewhat bizarre, but also pretty cool, right?