Crown Prince Of Abu Dhabi Pays Special Visit To Girl After Failing To Shake Her Hand At Event

We’ve time and again heard about the extravagant life of the Crown Princes of Abu Dhabi. From building a stadium for their $45 million (300 crores) wedding to owning the world’s costliest painting ‘Salvator Mundi’, the princes of this oil-producing country live a lavish life.

Even though the Princes live an exorbitant life, they are very down to earth and humble. Ayesha, a little girl, recently witnessed the prince’s kindness. She was amongst one of the school children selected to welcome the Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to the Presidential Palace.

After finding the perfect spot, Ayesha had lined up alongside the red carpet with her hand outstretched, in the eager hope of shaking the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi’s hand as he walked by, reports The National. But, during the proceedings, her hand was missed and her disappointment was captured on camera.

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However, Ayesha was in for a surprise after the video went viral on social media. According to Indian Express, the prince came across the video and visited her family home to meet and spend time with her.

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The prince received a lot of appraisals for his thoughtful gesture, have a look:

This heartwarming gesture is surely the highlight of our day, what about you?

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