Crow Snatches Credit Card From Passenger, Tries To Buy Train Ticket With It. Well, Almost!

The Animal Kingdom is always full of surprises. While we can never get enough of its alluring beauty and immense variety, animals never fail to stun us with their strange and mysterious acts.

We are all aware of the fact that animals, if trained, can pull off miracles. But on some rare occasions, they don’t even require the training we are talking about and this crow is a prime example.

In an incident that took place in Kinshicho Station in Tokyo, Japan, a crow snatched a credit card from the passenger and poked the screen with it.

It is believed that it was the bird’s effort to imitate the passenger and the whole incident was recorded by another person present there.

You can watch the video here:

Well, that was something you have never seen before, right? We hope we added the much-needed flavor to your day! 😛