Video Of Crow Throwing Empty Plastic Bottle Into Dustbin Proves Animals Are Better Than Us!

Remember the time when you were walking past a busy street in India and couldn’t spot a single waste material lying around? Yeah, me neither.

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Because one thing that we do best is litter, deliberately. Why else will you find a building wall withΒ ‘Do Not Litter’ written on it in big block letters, covered in orange paan masala spit? That’s because humans can reach the moon but can’t understand basic instructions like throwing waste into a dustbin rather than on the road.

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Non-biodegradable waste like plastic if thrown on the road or on any land emits harmful chemicals which permeates into the soil, poisoning the soil as well as groundwater and other surrounding water sources. As a result, your regular tap water gets polluted with plastic. Therefore, guess who you’re ultimately poisoning? That’s right – yourself.

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Surprisingly, animals continue to prove to have better sense than humans! Previously, video of a monkey closing the tap after drinking water from it went viral, initiating a conversation around water conservation.

This time, a video of a crow throwing an empty plastic bottle into a dustbin is making rounds on the internet making us question – “If crows can do it, why can’t we?”.

While a crow performing this act is in itself remarkable, it goes on to spread an important message on how we shouldn’t be throwing waste on the streets.

Hence, the next time you try to insult someone saying they are “worse than animals”, think twice. Animals are much, much better and wiser than humans!