Man Gets A Painful Permanent Erection When He Was Undergoing A Nose Job! WTF?

Performance anxiety plagues many men who are not able to get it up when they want to, but what do you do when you can’t make it go down? Sounds like torture. Unfortunately, a man in Croatia lived this torture when he got a permanent erection from an anesthetic reaction.

As reported by Daily Mail, Neven Ciganovic, is a 45-year-old Croatian stylist and reality TV star who is being filmed for a documentary made on his life. Apparently, he is a plastic surgery addict and has gone under the knife for a dozen procedures.

These procedures include three on his nose, on his lips, stomach and chin. But this time he did not emerge unscathed.


The stylist was left with a condition called Priapism which causes a permanent erection which is unwanted and painful unrelated to any sort of sexual desire.

Not to mention that it can cause permanent damage to the penis and even erectile dysfunction if left untreated.


The documentary propelled his decision to go for a rhinoplasty so he can look good for it.

Speaking about being diagnosed with this condition when he went for his rhinoplasty in Iran, he said,

“I was given general anesthesia and I reacted badly to it.”


Thankfully, an operation has revived him of his Priapism though he will not be back to his normal self for several months.

A lot of people and celebrities go under the knife to enhance their features and while that might seem like a rosy world, in theory, the practical implications and maintenance can be a little tricky and may give you a ‘hard’ time (sorry!).

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