Criminals Try To Escape From Court, What Follows Is Nothing Short Of A Bollywood Action Sequence


Who doesn’t love a good action sequence in movies? Okay, it is true that when it comes to Indian cinema, things tend to get a bit unintentionally comedic. So much so, that Newton, Galileo and Einstein would roll in their graves if they saw the brutal murder of physics in our movies. Despite that, the chase, the thrill, and the suspense can get your adrenaline flowing even if you’re just on the other side of the screen watching the script play out.

A few cops in West Bengal though, found themselves smack in the midst of a very Bollywood-esque escape attempt and chase.

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A dreaded criminal and 3 members of his gang made quite a spectacle on Thursday in East Midnapore while attempting to flee from Contai court premises.

Karno Bera was brought to Contai court at around 12 noon to be produced before the judicial bench, along with 3 others accused, including Sheikh Munna and Surajit Kamilya.

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According to the Mumbai Mirror, 2 youth with 2 bags of crude bombs appeared at the location then and started bombing in the court premises. They also started firing in the air, all in an attempt to free Karno and his accomplices.

Firing at 2 policemen at close range, the criminals fled the scene, leaving utter chaos in the area.

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Police officer Sushanta Rana was shot at on his head and stomach while, the other officer, Akinchan Maity, also sustained a bullet injury on his hand while trying to stop the criminals.

However, things did not work out quite in favour of the criminals as their bike refused to start when they tried to flee on it. This forced them to run on foot, and Karno to take refuge in a deserted house.

What followed was a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie as assistant sub-inspector of Contai Police Prabir Saha and officer-in-charge of Mahishadal police Partho Biswas took over.

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The officers had a stand-off with Karno with Partho Biswas even standing on top of a wall to get aim on the criminal. Locals joined in by cordoning off the house even while Kanro continued firing. When his bullets were exhausted, he tried to flee the spot but was taken down by the officers who managed to fire a shot on his foot and took him down. By then a huge police force had been called from the local Contai police station.

Kanro was then taken to Contai police station amid high security, where he was later joined by his other 2 gang members who’d also been detained. The two youngsters who started the whole incident are still absconding though. Kanro who was imprisoned at Contai jail earlier has attempted to escape once before as well.

Take a bow, officers. You guys totally deserve it for your exemplary performance. Imagine the cool stories they can tell their grandkids now!

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