44-YO Man Looks For 18-25 YO Female Roommate Willing To Share Bedroom, Says ‘No Male Friends’

More than looking for a house, finding a roommate who matches our level of weirdness and also acts as our guardian angel in our lows is the most difficult task. But in the hunt for that gem of a person, we often come across some stones that make us facepalm real hard.

Talking of these ‘mahaan’ people, we came across an ad posted by a person looking for a roommate. It was Twitter user @DevinDonuts who found the advertisement and shared it on her profile so that all of us can collectively say that it’s creepy AF.

The ad is posted by a 44-year-old man looking for a single female roommate for his one bedroom apartment who is between 18-25. The person goes on to highlight that his prospective flatmate should be comfortable enough to be able to share the bedroom. Moreover, the house has a ‘no closed doors’ policy, apparently for safety purposes.

Everything written on the ad seems questionable and rather strange to me. This is what people online think of it.

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The audacity!

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