10 Creative Ideas To Quit Your Job In Style


Are you sick and tired of your job? Does it frustrate you every single day? Do you want to run away every morning instead of going to your workplace? Or do you simply plan on quitting your job because you found another? Or are dreaming about having your own start up?

Well, for all the above you need to first type in your resignation letter. Now how do you look creative, sound funny respectful and resign with style?

Check out some creative ways to write your resignation letter.

1. Write a rap or a poem and recite it to your bosses

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Along with the points that talk about your frustration also talk about how it’s killing you to leave the company. You know just to get the experience letter in time.


2. Make a vine or short video, call your bosses in the conference room and present it to them

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Don’t forget to practice your constant bitch sad face.


3. Write 10 reasons why you don’t want to work there anymore. Like a listicle

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Add some cool gifs/images to make it quirky.


4. Code a basic website that is all about how and why you’re resigning

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Send the link to your boss and say, “Hey! I stumbled upon this cool website, you should totally check it out”.


5. Bake a cake and write your resignation on top of it

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Now that’s a bittersweet surprise resignation.


6. Type/write the shortest letter you’ve ever written

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No explanations, no justifications. It’s your choice and you’re doing it.


7. Write a passive aggressive mail to your boss. Oh! wait, that is not creative, but hell, it will make you feel better

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What ends well, feels HAWT.  😉


8. Tag your bosses on random offensive posts and memes on facebook and they will fire you themselves

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You can also tell your co-workers, “Well, that’s what you get when you try to be funny in this office”.


9. Invite your colleagues over for a party and when your boss asks why weren’t they invited, tell them, “It was my farewell party. Oh! Sorry, forgot to give you my resignation”. And hand them your resignation

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You don’t need your bosses negativity in your party. 😉


10. Ask for an appraisal, the kind you know you would never get. This will lead to two things, they will either throw you out (Which you want) or…

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Maybe give you the appraisal. If they give you one, then just shut up, take it and go back to your seat. It’s a win-win. 😉

If you quit today, then you stand the chance of becoming the next Steve Jobs tomorrow.

So, which method do you plan to use?

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