Someone Made 2 Glasses Of Creamy Maggi Milkshake, Desis Call It ‘Disaster In A Glass’

People often come up with the bizarre food trends that are hard for purists to digest. Remember when a dosa with tooti frooti and dry fruits was widely criticized online? Well, this week, a person dared to mess with the traditional preparation of maggi.

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They seem to have made it as usual with peas and carrots and yummy veggies, but they took it to the next level by creating a noodle-beverage. A picture surfaced online with two large milkshake jugs that appear to be full to the brim with thick and creamy milkshake made of milk and maggi. While it isn’t the conventional way to whip up 2-minute noodles, their take is definitely bizarre.

Well, here’s how Maggie lovers are reacting to this new invention.

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Someone even made a maggi burger in the past. But that honestly sounds quite delicious. Take a look-

Would you care to try the milkshake? Tell us!

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