These 12 Crazy Instagram Accounts Mastered The Art Of Imagination

One of the favorite social media platforms in the recent times is Instagram. Social media can be addictive, but just like life, if you surround yourself with the right people on social media platforms, it can help and inspire you.

We use Instagram to capture what brings joy to our life, what we are passionate about, and the accounts listed below are sure to inspire you.

Here are a few crazy Instagram accounts you need to start following immediately.

1. Willie Kessel – Shooting The Waves

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Willie Kessel, the surf photographer brings beach life right to Instagram. He travels around the world with surfers and captures amazing surf and lifestyle images on locations that only professional surfers have access to. He specializes in capturing images of the inside of breaking waves.


2. Idafrosk – The Cute And Healthy Food Art

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Norwegian photographer, Ida Skiveness makes some of the most playful, artistic food porn you’ll ever come across. With around 2,83,000 followers, her Instagram profile (@idafrosk) is one of the most popular accounts. Something to feast your eyes and taste buds in the morning.


3. Maya On The Move – Queen Of Pet Costume

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Maya is an English bulldog on the move. She wears all kinds of costumes — from a pirate to the Statue of Liberty and each outfit is even cuter than the last. From pop-culture beauties like Beyoncé to adorable animals like ducks, she rolls out new looks all the time. In fact, Maya is so good at dressing up she has gained her owner Tania Ahsan 75,000 followers on Instagram after she started uploading images of her.


4. Alex Solis – What If Famous Characters Ate Junk Food?

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Chicago-based Threadless illustrator Alex Solis draws humorous Instagrams of everyday objects, cartoon characters, superheroes and sometimes combines hand-drawn illustrations with odd objects.


5. Murad Osmann – Around The World in…

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Russian photographer Murad Osmann follows his wife Nataly Zakharova around the world and captures precious moments in every step she takes, holding her hand. They visit amazing places around the globe, inspire travellers and photographers to capture the world around them in a fresh and creative way.


6. Red Hong Yi – Painting Without Paintbrushes

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Malaysian artist Red Hongyi doesn’t make simple painted pictures or sculptures. She likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush. Instead, she creates unique art pieces using unexpected tools and supplies.


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7. Junanto Herdiawan – The Art Of Flying

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‘The Flying Traveler’ on Instagram, Junanto Herdiawan, shares mind-blowing photographs of himself in recognizable and not-so-recognizable places across the globe.


8. Alexis Diaz – King Of Street Art

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Puerto Rico-born artist Alexis Diaz quit his job and everything he was doing and started painting the streets of Puerto Rico without gaining a penny. His works include huge murals, incredibly detailed and made line by line with precision, populated by phantasmagoric animals. Now over 40 of his surreal murals of imagined creatures can be found in more than two-dozen cities worldwide.


9. Payphones – Lonely Payphones In Lovely Places

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This account focuses entirely on payphones. The hashtag #payphonegraphy pays tribute to near-defunct payphones around the world.


10. Jacob Santiago – New York Through The Eye Of An iPhone

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Jacob Santiago is a New York-based photographer who has made a name for himself on Instagram. His feed is filled with incredible images of New York City that he shoots exclusively with his iPhone while walking around the city and shares with the whole world.


11. Andrew Knapp – Capturing The Playful Adventures Of His Dog

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Andrew Knapp is a designer and photographer from Canada. His dog, Momo has a tendency to hide rather than return when fetching things. With a keen photographer’s eye, Knapp started the hashtag #findmomo on Instagram. He has taken the world by storm now and has around 400k followers.


12. Noel Shiveley – Creating Inspiring Art

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Noel Shiveley, combines his faultless perfect lettering skills, passion for photography and quotes to create a new design every day which happens to be very inspiring.

So the next time you plan on uploading a photo of your delicious breakfast or lunch, pause for a bit, think, and click something with a creative twist.

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