Bangaloreans Reveal The Craziest Things They Did For Someone They Were Attracted To

Love makes you do crazy things. While some gatecrash their love’s wedding and forcefully apply sindoor on their forehead, others travel thousands of kilometres just to spend a few hours with them. And people on Reddit under the subreddit r/Bangalore have been dropping some bomb stories about the craziest things they’ve done for a boy or a girl.

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The conversation started when a user posted the question and shared their story:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a Guy/Girl from bangalore

This inspired many others to share their tales too. For example, one person lost an insane amount of weight just to make a girl like him.

Gifting ridiculously expensive bags to someone to woo them.

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Travelling long distances just for a date.

Women would know how annoying this is!

People who go the extra mile (literally) to pick someone up from Bangalore airport are special.

“Yeh bhi toh party hai – tum, main aur ek cup chai.” ūüôā

Amazing to see the lengths people would go to for their loved ones!

I feel so sorry for this person. ūüôĀ

When you do crazy things for people who don’t even deserve it.


Being broke teaches you how to steal joy from the little things.

Another happily ever after!

We can all just try. Baki sab toh upar waale ke haath mein hai.

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