Cow Waits For Traffic Signal To Turn Green, Twitter Says, “Ye Challan Ka Darr Hai”

Humans are the most evolved of all species but sometimes, animals do things that prove they are much more intelligent that what we give them credit for. For example, a TikTok video of a monkey closing a tap after drinking water was a lesson in water conservation that is truly the need of the hour.

Now, a cow is going viral for being a rule-abiding road user as it is seen waiting behind the white lines for the traffic signal to turn green. Actress Preity Zinta shared the video which is a message for everyone that has ever jumped a red light.

Under the new Motor Vehicles Act, penalties for various offenses have been increased significantly. The fine amount for jumping a red light is Rs.1000 and many Twitter users joked that the cow was infact afraid of the cops imposing a hefty challan.

The simple and patient act of the cow received high praise online. Even while some people pointed out that the cow’s act may have been accidental, everyone agreed that the message was very important for humans.

For anyone who rides or drives a vehicle, let this be a reminder that following traffic rules avoids accidents on the road.

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