Woman Gets Upset As Cow Doesn’t Visit Her Often; Cow Hugs Her To Makeup, Watch Video

Animals are the best! Not only do pets care about humans but they are super loyal too. Talking to a dog, cuddling a cat or even the mere presence of any such animal helps uplift your mood instantly. After all, pets are just like family, they are always there for you when you need them.

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Speaking of which, a woman feigns being upset with a cow who she apparently meets and feeds daily. In a video shared online, a woman can be seen lovingly feeding a cow but she seems upset about something.

The woman tells the cow she is angry because the four-legged animal hasn’t visited her in a few days. She then walks away from the cow.

In the heartwarming video, the cow can be seen beseeching the upset woman. The cow tries to make amends with the woman by caressing her. Eventually the cow and woman makeup and hug each other. Aww.

The video goes on to show the beautiful bond between the woman and the cow. Many people admired the unique bond between them. 

Animals surely are a man’s best friend. This adorable video sure put a smile on our face. How about you? Tell us!