Decked-Up Cow Does ‘Grihapravesh’ Of New Home Before Family Members, Watch Video

A few weeks ago, an adorable video of a little pup getting a grand welcome by his new family went viral online. The family had arranged for a ‘grihapravesh’ for the puppy, performed an aarti, and showered flowers on him.

And now, in a video that has gone viral, a fully decked-up cow is seen being welcomed into a new home during a ‘grihapravesh’ ceremony. According to people online, this is a common South-Indian tradition prevalent in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

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According to tradition, a cow is made to enter the new home first, before anyone else. People even claimed that in some places, it is preferable if a calf tags along with the cow during grihapravesh. It is believed that this brings prosperity and positivity into the house.

Image source
Image source

Have a look at the video here:

People took to the comment section to mention several other practices that are a part of this tradition. Have a look:

Some highlighted how the animal seems to have a hump and thereby, it’s a bull. In that case, the bull is representative of Lord Shiva. However, another person mentioned that this breed of cow is known as ‘Killari’ where even females have a hump and horns.

Such a beautiful tradition, isn’t it?

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