In Uttar Pradesh, Cow Feeds Puppies Who Lost Their Mother In An Accident, Video Goes Viral

We are no stranger to videos which highlight the incredible bond of love, care and affection that clasp the diverse animal kingdom together. From a dog and a cat satisfying each other with cosy hugs to a monkey safeguarding a puppy like a mother, we have witnessed some astonishing acts in recent times.

And now, a similar video involving a cow and four puppies have left us in sheer disbelief.

In an absolutely heartwarming sight captured in Uttar Pradesh, a cow was seen feeding the four tiny canines with milk.

According to the locals, the pups lost their mother in an accident but the¬†cow hasn’t let them feel her absence since then. Playing the role of a perfect mother, the cow has taken up the responsibility of feeding them regularly.

You can watch the video here:

In a world where everyone tends to be selfish, animals are surely showing us the way to live collectively.