Desis Debate Whether Husbands & Wives Should Check Each Other’s Phones, Know Their Passwords

You may have come across couples who like to know EVERYTHING about each other, even their social media passwords and what’s inside their WhatsApp inbox. These people tend to check their partner’s phones often, sometimes even when they are not around. Is it okay to do so? Well, people online have been talking about it.

A woman took to Reddit to share how she doesn’t check her husband’s phone but when her mother-in-law and sister-in-law got to know about it, they were apparently shocked. Because for them, a wife checking her husband’s phone and vice-versa toh chalta hai.

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“I am married for 2 years and we are together for 5 years. Recently, women of his family (his mom, sis) were shocked when I told them that I don’t know the user-id of any social media or his mobile lock code. In the past, my BFF (she doesn’t know him personally) said, that I am too trusting. I don’t see this as an issue because he never checks my phone or my financial account or how I spend my money,” the woman wrote.

She went on to ask whether she is doing it wrong and should really be looking into his phone and belongings. Have a look at the entire post here:

Do I love to live in a bubble if I never check my partner’s phone or personal belongings?. from india

People online soon took to the comment section to flood the woman with advice. You must have heard that trust is very important for a relationship to work. It’s even said that trust is more important than love.

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People who think spying on your partner is okay are projecting their own insecurities onto you.

If both the partners are happy in their relationship, what’s the use of sneaking into each other’s phones?

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Some people might know the passwords of their partner’s social media handles and phones but never find the need to go checking.

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If a person has to cheat, they will cheat and no amount of keeping track of their messages can prevent it.

If you feel the need to check on your partner’s phone, chances are that you’re insecure about the relationship and that’s more of a ‘you’ problem. Maybe you need to retrospect.

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