Woman Asks Man Out On A Date On Twitter, 4 Years Later He Asks Her To Marry Him In Same Way

In the world of social media and dating apps, we hear so many successful love stories that blossom on these platforms. Tinderellas are real and their prince charmings are too. But it isn’t only dating apps, people meet on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hit it off instantly.

And in honour of the season of love, we have a digital love saga for you.

Torey Stachowicz is a personal trainer from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2014, the girl made a public move of asking Ben Axelrod, a digital producer and sportswriter, out on a date via Twitter.

Yes, it was that simple.

Ben replied saying “you buying”!

And that’s where it all started.

Torey agreed that the date was on her and even gave him the option of choosing his favourite place.

And voila a Twitter affair started between the couple.

According to WKYC, the lovebirds had their first date at Dublin’s Pint Room and Ben picked up the check.

Obviously, the date was a success and that chicken fingers love turned into an epic digital romance.

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Lets cut to four years later, Ben asked his beloved to marry him in the same exact way. Twitter came to the rescue yet again.

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The thread instantly went viral with Twitterati melting at this beautiful liaison.

He then shared a picture of the moment he went down on his knee to make his lover his forever.

She said yes!!! OMG, love isn’t dead.

Torey took to Twitter and said that she had a hangover that was “outta this world.” And then, of course, shared a GIF yelling “YES!”

Tweeple started sharing the tale of their romance calling it an epic twitter love story. And we agree!

1. You don’t have to listen to everything your parents say.

2. Right there with you mate.

3. Well, it’s 2018, the analog life is so last decade.

4. Priya Varrier, you everywhere gurl!

5. Those are the pertinent questions.

So, dear single peeps *ahem me ahem*, if you’re too lonely why not take a shot at asking your crush or just anyone out on social media, who knows, you might find your soulmate. We’re rooting for you guys, and if we aren’t getting live updates on Twitter from your wedding, we’d be mighty disappointed! ❤