Twitter Slams Couple’s Slavery-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot Where The Guy Is Seen In Chains

One of the biggest tragedies experienced by the human race is the Transatlantic Slave Trade of African natives to Europe and America. The kind of assault, abuse, and torture that the victims of the slave trade faced is unforgivable and unforgettable. Even though the slave trade might have come to an end, African natives and descendants living in America and Europe continue to face extreme forms of racism.

Which is why, when one interracial couple decided to have a slavery-themed pre-wedding photoshoot, people online were shocked. According to Times Now, pictures from the photoshoot went viral where a man of colour is seen in chains, kissing the hands of a white woman amidst what looks like a sugar plantation – a startling reminder of slaves being forced to work in unimaginable conditions in sugar plantations across America in the past.

While the user who posted these pictures on Instagram cannot be traced, the caption read, “He was no longer a slave, he was part of the family.”

Screenshots of the post were shared on Twitter. As the tweet went viral, several people online condemned the couple for the downright “racist” photoshoot and for being terribly insensitive to people of colour.

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