Couple Recreates Salman & Bhagyashree’s Iconic ‘Dil Deewana’ Track, Twitter Reacts

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Who doesn’t remember one of Bollywood’s most romantic movies, Maine Pyaar Kiya? The movie not only established Salman Khan as the leading man in Bollywood but also made him a household name. It was Bhagyashree’s first film in Bollywood.

Starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree, the film was an instant hit in the late 80’s. It featured a lot of popular songs like ‘Kabootar Ja Ja’, ‘Mere Rang Mai Rangne Wali’, ‘Aate Jate’ among others. According to Indian Express, a video of a couple recreating the song ‘Dil Deewana’ from the movie is going viral.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the song, it depicts a very young Salman Khan romancing the gorgeous Bhagyashree. Take a look at the original video from the 90’s movie –

The video shared by Raveena Tandon, was an uncanny copy of the song, where the couple was mouthing the words of Dil Deewana in a field. They have tried to recreate the background. They left no stone unturned and wore similar colored outfits and also copied the steps of Salman Khan and Bhagyashree.

This video has taken people down memory lane and the comments on the Twitter thread are proof:

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We applaud the couple for their detailed effort. How do you think they did?

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