73-Year-Old With 64-Year-Old Wife And Grandchild Finish Mumbai To London Road Trip In 72 Days

Sometimes, places help you find your true passion and other times, passion takes you to places that you always wanted to go. And this Mumbai couple is the latter kind.

For their passion of travel Badri Baldawa, a 73-year-old Mumbai resident, his 64-year-old wife and their little 10-year-old granddaughter embarked upon a ROAD TRIP from Mumbai to London. In a journey of 72 days, crossing 19 countries and covering 22,200 kms, they made plenty of memories.


They started their trip on the 23rd March, 2017 and traveled through Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China…finally making their way to the heart of Britain. When The Hindu asked Mr Baldawa to highlight one part of the trip, he said,

“It is difficult for me to think of the highlight of the trip, apart from the constant feeling of wanting to revisit those places and spend more time in almost all of them.”


Ms. Baldawa is a steel worker and a chartered accountant. This is not his first adventrous trip. He and his wife were bitten by the travel bug long before. He has stamps from 65 countries on his passport and his wife, from 55!


Age is just a number for them and here are few pictures of their EPIC London road trip with their granddaughter. Have a look –

1. From their visit to Myanmar!


2. From their last stop, London!


3. Picture taken after completing 10,500 kms. Half the journey accomplished!


4. Mrs. Pushpa Baldawa showing Myanmar chefs how to roast a paapad!


5. Somewhere…somewhere…somewhere in China!


6. And I will just leave you with this picture of the happy couple. It’s not from the trip, but it captures their spirit!

Now, those are some intense couple goals right there.

Dear future S.O, this is how I want my life to be after retirement.

Wishing you more of such safe travels, Mr. and Mrs. Baldawa.

All pictures have been taken from Mr. Baldawa’s Facebook