Cat Sneaks Into Couple’s Luggage, They Find Out At Airport’s Security-Check!

Cat parents would know how much those little balls of fur love getting inside bags and boxes. Packing for a trip is particularly difficult because cats keep on entering your suitcase and make it their spot for hours to come! For the very same reason, a couple recently had to face a rather embarrassing situation at the airport.

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According to a report by News18, Nick and Voirrey Coole were travelling to New York and decided to keep one of their bags empty so that they could fill it with gifts shopped during their vacation.

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At the airport, they were stopped at the security check and the officials pulled out the empty bag from the conveyor belt and asked the couple what the bag contained. The two were puzzled because the bag should have been empty.

They were pulled into the interrogation room. The atmosphere was nervous as the security officials were about to open their bag. And as soon as he did, out popped a cat!

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According to Metro UK, the couple has three cats. One of them, named Candy, sneaked into their luggage while they were packing. Since Candy is a black cat and the inside lining of the suitcase is black, it could have been hard for the couple to spot the cat!

“Luckily the staff were amazing and helped us organise to get Candy home so we still managed to make our flight,” said Nick.

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He also added that his wife’s father was called to take home the cat from the airport!

Cat owners can relate to this on a spiritual level. Our cats may be cute, but they can get us into some serious trouble!

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