Couple Gets Divorced After Wife Developed Face Marks For Health Issues & Husband Didn’t Like It

In a country where divorce is a taboo subject, it is surprising to see a large chunk of people divorcing their partners abruptly for the most bizarre reasons. There was this one couple from Ahmedabad who got divorced after a fight over lunch. In another incident, two men from Maharashtra divorced their wives after they allegedly “failed” a virginity test, which is illegal btw.

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And now, a man named Subham Agrawal took to Twitter to share how a friend of his was being ill-treated by her husband. She got married to the man a year ago and apparently, she was “way too beautiful” then and now she has developed marks on her face because of a medical issue. Hence, they got a divorce.

The two really enjoyed the first couple of months of their marriage but after the wife started developing marks on her skin, the husband’s behavior allegedly changed.

From regular fights to returning home late, the husband started to treat her disrespectfully. It was then that she decided to permanently separate from her husband.

Subham then highlighted how important it is to choose a life partner who looks beyond one’s looks and money.

While the story left several people in shock on Twitter, many expressed how such incidents are very common in our country. Some even lauded the woman for having the courage to divorce her husband.

Looks are temporary. Every person is bound to age and even with cosmetic surgery, they won’t look as young and radiant as they did when they were 20. Marks, dark patches, weight gain and loss are all a part of increasing age. Partners need to be more sensitive and understanding towards each other.

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