Instead Of Spending Money On ‘Cars & Boats’, Couple Builds Home Library With 32,000 Books

It is every bookworms’s dream to have a home library with a massive collection of their favourite books. Imagine a few books, then an entire shelf of them, and then a room filled with several such shelves filled with books, books, and books!


At a time when most married couples are running after buying a new car or a new house, this couple decided to spend their money on building a personal library for themselves with 32,000 books!

The couple in question is a woman named Kathleen O’Neal and her husband. Kathleen took to Twitter to share two pictures of their personal library – a quite den with every wall covered with bookshelves and stacked with books.

“Our personal library has about 32,000 books. I guess other people bought cars and boats…,” she wrote.

Several booklovers were in awe of the couple’s collection and called it their dream life. Here’s what some of them said:

This is what paradise looks like for bookworms! 😀

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