Indians On Reddit List The Unspoken Rules They Learnt While Working In A Corporate Job

When you work in a corporate setup for a long time, you begin to understand that there are certain rules that everyone must follow if they are willing to survive, even if they aren’t said out loud. This realization comes with experience.

Thankfully, many such experienced Indians who have spent their fair share of time in the corporate world are sharing their tips on r/India on Reddit. The conversation began when one user asked what are the “unspoken rules” that people learnt there and the answers were insightful.

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Have a look:

1. Do not respond to emails when you are at an emotional high.

2. There’s no need to give your company your all because there is no guarantee that your sacrifices will be recognized.

3. Even if you hate someone within the company, be professional with them.

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4. There’s no point in raging a war against the company. You’ll lose anyway.

5. Treat newcomers in a better way than you were treated.

6. Instead of being loyal to your company, take up better opportunities that come your way.

7. Document meetings!

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8. Gossiping against the boss can cost you your job.

9. Prioritise yourself.

10. Be realistic about your work, especially while setting deadlines.

11. Steer clear of the HRs.

12. If you spot a mistake and it doesn’t impact you much, keep shut.

13. The word ‘We’ is more important than you think.

14. You’ll have an easier time at work if you can make your clients happy.

These are certainly useful, don’t you think?

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