US Person Tests COVID-19 Positive After Attending ‘Coronavirus Party’

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time in the past 1 week to announce a 21-day lockdown. He stressed on how nobody should leave their homes and pretend as though there is a ‘Lakshman Rekha’ guarding their doorstep. At a time when the coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world, social-distancing and self-isolation have become a necessity.

However, some people still do not understand the gravity of the crisis the world is facing at the moment. According to a report by India Today, a group of young adults threw a ‘Coronavirus Party’ at Kentucky, USA. After the party, one of them has been tested positive for COVID-19. Others too might have been susceptible to the disease.

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According to CNN, the group threw the coronavirus party thinking that they were “invincible”. In doing so, they purposely defied “state guidance to practice social distancing”.

Responding to the incident, the Governor of the state said, “This is one that makes me mad. We have to be much better than that. Anyone who goes to something like this may think they’re indestructible, but it’s someone else’s loved one they’re going to hurt.”

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Previous reports have shown how people with “mild, asymptomatic or otherwise unrecognized infections” may have been the reason behind the “rapid spread” of the novel coronavirus in the pandemic’s earliest days.

Therefore, even though a person is not showing symptoms, he/she might have been already infected. If they come within a close distance to other people, they make them susceptible to the disease as well.

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Here’s taking the opportunity to urge everyone to take social-distancing and self-quarantine seriously. As responsible citizens, we must keep others safe as well by remaining indoors!

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