‘I’ll Love You Forever’, Says Old Man With Coronavirus While Feeding Wife With Same Disease

Coronavirus is one of the gravest epidemics that the world has fallen victim to. It’s heartbreaking to see the number of lives the disease has taken, and even more so to see an entire country suffering because of it. As we come across pictures, videos, and news of families bidding goodbye to their loved ones, we realise how unpredictable life us and how futile our attempts are to hold our dear ones close.

A video of an 87-year-old man suffering from coronavirus feeding his wife, who is suffering from the same disease, is going viral on the internet, reports The Indian Express.

The man was stationed in the hospital ward next to where his wife was put. In the video, he can be seen coming close to his wife with an infusion bottle in hand. Later, he feeds her food and water.

“I’ll love you forever, every single day of forever,” he says.

Have a look at the video here:

People on the internet are left teary-eyed after watching this video. Many sent their blessings to the couple and hoped they would get better soon.

It’s upsetting to realise how while the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, people in China are struggling to survive the epidemic.