Mumbaikars To Set ‘Coronasur’ Ablaze For Holika Dahan, Twitter Reacts


India is all set to celebrate the festival of colors, Holi. But at the same time, the deadly coronavirus has also reached India infecting around 40 people in the country as of now. And as far as festivals are concerned, people can get unexpectedly creative about them sometimes.

Hence, Mumbaikars decided to celebrate Holika Dahan, which is celebrated on the previous night of Holi that marks the victory of good over evil with a coronavirus twist this year. Accordingly, a huge effigy of ‘coronasur’, presumably the coronavirus demon who has claimed several lives around the world has been set up the Veer Netaji Krida Mandal, a youth association in Worli, Mumbai, reports News 18.

The radiant blue colored effigy that symbolizes coronavirus will be set afire in the holy pyre with a hope that this Holi, with the blessings of God, the virus is eliminated from the world. It is made up of flammable materials like cardboard and straw, reports Mumbai Mirror.

This isn’t the first time that Indians have come up with such uber-creative ideas to tackle coronavirus. Recently, a Bhojpuri song about the same was released which had received immense backlash.

However, people are reacting to the idea of ‘Coronasur’ with memes, have a look:

What do you think about the idea of ‘Coronasur’ inspired Holika Dahan? Tell us!

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