Farmer Plants Corn To Spell Out “Will You Marry Me?”, Proposal Appears On Google Maps

Happy Valentine’s Day folks! The day of love, mush, and grand gestures is here. And the grandest of them all is definitely a wedding proposal. We’ve seen some truly unique ones (a civil engineer popping the question on a bridge, a man animating himself into his girlfriend’s favourite Disney movie and even a 7-day long scavenger hunt) but this one is the ‘corniest’.

According to Financial Express, 32-year-old part-time farmer Steffen Schwarz used a seeding machine to write “Willst du mich heiraten?” (“Will you marry me?” in German) across his five-acre corn field in Huettenberg, Germany. The area where the letters were supposed to be was left bare, and the rest of the land was filled crops.

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Once the crops had grown, he asked his girlfriend to locate a wild boar he had seen roaming in the fields with the help of a drone. BBC quoted him saying,

“At first she couldn’t see it [the proposal] because the drone wasn’t flying high enough. But when she realized, she said yes immediately.”

Thereafter, his Canada-based aunt unexpectedly spotted the words on Google Maps and shared a picture with him. Check it out.

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The couple is all set to tie the knot in June this year. We wish them many more happy and  ‘corny’ times ahead.

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