Kerala Cops Gift Saplings & CCTV Camera To Boy Who Complained Of His Tree Getting Stolen

Apart from their law enforcement duties, police officials often help people in the most wholesome of ways; making sure the elderly aren’t alone on their birthdays and helping out young children who seek their help. Recently, Pavan Nash, a Class 6 student from Ernakulam, Kerala, woke up to find that the gooseberry tree he’d been growing for the past 2 years was cut off by unidentified people. His elder sister Pavithra and his school teacher Harikumar encouraged him to contact Chiri (smile).

Chiri is a helpline initiated by the cops to address the mental health issues of children during the pandemic. Manorama quoted a heartbroken Pavan saying, “Someone took away my gooseberry sapling. Please capture the culprit who did this.”

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Pavithra was quoted adding, “I am a cadet of the Student Police Cadets (SPC) for the past two years and the experience gave me the courage to take the matter up seriously though it may sound a small issue.”

Subsequently, much to his delight cops gifted him saplings of gooseberry, guava, and sitafal as well as a CCTV surveillance system to keep an eye on them in the future.

The New Indian Express quoted the Chiri project state nodal officer, Inspector General P Vijayan saying,

“Children are calling for assistance and to raise complaints on various issues ranging from a fight between parents to lack of playground. Over 80 psychologists and psychiatrists have voluntarily extended support to offer counselling. We have formed district-level units comprising volunteers to attend to the requirements of children. We are doing our best to offer support to children.”

Kudos to the officers for this heartening gesture.

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