Police Arrests Food Delivery Guy, Then Surprises Customer By Delivering ‘Kebab’ Themselves

In the past, there have been multiple instances when policemen went far and beyond their call of duty for the love of humanity. Earlier, UP cops wade in neck-deep waters to rescue people stuck in a flooded underpass. Soon after, Kerala cops gifted saplings & a CCTV camera to a boy who complained of his stolen tree.

Now, cops from Berkshire, UK delivered food to a customer after they arrested the delivery guy for drug-driving.

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According to Daily Mail, the Thames Valley Police officers pursued this guy for days suspecting he wasn’t insured and didn’t hold a license card. But, luckily, a couple of days ago, they caught him in Woodley while he was about to deliver a food package.

The TVP Roads Police shared that they arrested the man for giving false details, having no insurance or license. They also realized that his car tyre was dangerously exposed and he was also drug driving.

However, after putting him behind bars and seizing the car, the cops learned that he was about to deliver a doner kebab meal to a customer. Realizing that the customer didn’t deserve to be starved, the policemen decided to complete the delivery themselves as it was only three houses away.

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People online lauded the cops for setting such an impressive example of compassion and great policing.

This is how the customer reacted to finding a uniformed policeman delivering his food.

Well, I would be shocked on seeing a cop deliver my parcel. But, at least I would have food to calm myself. What do you think of the officer’s gesture? Let us know.

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