‘How To Bake Bread’ To Pasta Recipes, Here’s What Indians Are Googling This Lockdown


It is day 14 of the 21-day lockdown and staying indoors is giving all of us a chance to get back to things we didn’t find time for earlier like reading, painting, and gardening. And if you’re on social media, you might have seen the surge in the images of homecooked meals as opposed to pictures of food at restaurants because the quarantine has awakened our inner MasterChef.

From crispy samosas to cheesy pasta, Indians are busy cooking for their loved ones and these Google searches are proof of their culinary adventures. In case you’re looking for some inspiration for tonight’s meal, we’ve got you sorted. Here are the most popular dishes being made during lockdown:

  1. Cakes


Cakes are an instant pick-me-up. Be it a Nutella mug cake that serves one or a chocolate cake that requires no eggs or oven, there’s a type for everyone depending on the ingredients available at home. No wonder the searches have shot up!

2. Bread


Kneading a dough and making fluffy bread is therapeutic for those who love baking but off late, even newbies are trying their hand at it. Maybe because there are so many easy recipes that require no yeast or eggs.

3. Pancakes

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“Pancakes con farina di riso e senza lattosio” • * Ricetta GLUTEN-FREE (SENZA GLUTINE) e SENZA LATTOSIO. 🌱 🥛 • INGREDIENTI: – Farina di riso 100g – Latte di riso 120ml – Uova 1 – Zucchero un cucchiaino – Lievito in polvere per dolci un cucchiaino • PROCEDIMENTO: 1) Mescolare con una frusta l’uovo e lo zucchero. 2) Unire il latte e continuare a mescolare. 3) Aggiungere anche la farina di riso e il lievito. 4) Scaldare una padellina antiaderente. 5) Ungere la padellina con un po’ di olio di semi. 6) Versare un po’ di impasto nella padellina con l’aiuto di un mestolo o di un cucchiaio. 7) Far cuocere i pancakes per qualche minuto e aspettare che si formino delle bollicine sulla superficie prima di girarli. 8) Quando si saranno formate le bollicine, girare i pancakes con l’aiuto di una spatola e proseguire la cottura per qualche altro minuto fino a che la superficie risulterà dorata. 9) Servire i pancakes con un po’ di Nutella, delle fragole tagliate a pezzetti 🍓, granella di nocciole e zucchero velo. • #pancakes #pancakes🥞 #colazione #colazionesana #colazioneitaliana #breakfast #senzaglutine #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #farinadiriso #lattevegetale #lattediriso #dolci #dolcichepassione🍰♥️ #sweet

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All you need are two ingredients, a banana and an egg, to make scrumptious pancakes. Talk about a quick, fuss-free as well as tasty breakfast option on a lazy Sunday.

4. Pizza

Under normal circumstances, most of us just order pizza online but now this comfort food is lovingly being made at home. While some are using a slice of bread as the base, others are going the extra mile by preparing it with a no yeast dough.

5. Dosa

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Good morning Guys! Green Moong Dal Dosa or Chila. I love and hate it in equal parts. – This is what i ate EVERYDAY for 4 months while i had gestational diabetes. Agghhh…that whole time was so irritating..the insulin shots and the tension! – This was the only breakfast(except eggs) that didn't spike my blood sugar like crazy. – It's been a few years now and I am slowly finding my way to this dosa again. – Food allergies and food restrictions can be so so difficult to live with.This was just for a couple of months but when i think about people who are actually Gluten and lactose intolerant or with Type 1 diabetes , i feel like my issues are nothing really!More power to you guys! – It's must be so difficult to live in the face of all the cheesecakes and the breads. . . . . . . . #breakfast #indianblogger #indianfoodblogger #indianphotoghapher #tastingtable #foodblogfeed #eattheworld #mycommontable #tastemade #buzzfeedtasty #howisummer #heresmyfood #foodandwine #lifeandthyme #forkyeah #beautifulcuisines #f52grams #huffposttaste #onthetable #eeeeeats #feedfeed #yahoofood #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #foodstyling #gloobyfood #hautecuisines #foodgawker

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Not just the classic masala dosa, many are trying their hand at making rava dosa from scratch because this South-Indian delicacy never disappoints.

6. Dal

Search queries for the humble dal have also increased since lockdown was announced and why wouldn’t they? There’s no denying the fact that it is a staple part of our diets. We can’t live without dal tadka or dal makhni with roti or buttered naan.

7. Pasta

Our favourite Italian food joint might be closed but our craving for pasta still remains. Now that we have the time, we can cook it in different ways – with red sauce, creamy mushroom sauce or even some vodka!

8. Momos


Once the pandemic is behind us, we can resume our weekly visits to the talented momos vendor in our area but until then, only ‘ghar da dhaaba’ is open. And it serves both steamed and tandoori momos.

9. Samosa

Biting into a steaming hot, crispy samosa is totally worth the effort that goes into making it, don’t you think? It gives a kind of satisfaction that healthy fare can’t compete with. And everyone has cheat days.

10. Chocolate

Romantic meals are incomplete without chocolate and who knew truffles were so easy to make? Definitely, giving these a try this weekend. Are you guys cooking up a storm as well?

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