Contestant Uses ‘Phone A Friend’ Lifeline To Call Wife, But Unknown Man Answers, Watch Video


Incidents of infidelity is a matter of concern in many romantic relationships out there, and the various stories we read about just confirms the same. For instance, how a woman had put up posters everywhere to let people know her husband was cheating on her, or when a wife was quarantined after her cheating husband got coronavirus in Italy with his mistress. Take a look at another such awkward encounter that panned out on live television.

As per a report in The Mirror, a contestant named JP Morgan who had made his way to the £16,000 question (Rs. 15 lakhs approx.) in the game show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ decided to use his ‘Phone a friend’ lifeline to call his wife. But the player was left in shock when another man seemed to have answered the call. Check out the awkward encounter in the video below:-

JP Morgan who works as a science teacher, found himself to be stuck on a question that said, “Which of these days is part of the weekend in Germany?”. The options were Donnerstag, Mittwoch, Sonntag, and Dienstag.

Since he was struck with doubt, he decided to use his lifeline to call his wife, Elizabeth. He explained to the host, “My wife’s auntie has lived in Germany for over 50 years, my wife’s been there a few times.”

But everyone including the audience was left shocked when an unknown male voice briefly answered the call. The host Jeremy Clarkson immediately turned to Morgan and exclaimed, “That was another man just answered your phone! Relax, relax, it could be completely innocent.”

When Morgan’s wife Elizabeth finally answered, the host jokingly asked her exactly what was on everybody’s mind at that point, “Can I just confirm that you have got someone there with you?”

Whether it was just a misunderstanding or not, Twitter had a lot to say about what happened. Check out some of the reactions below:-

The Sun, however, reported that at a closer inspection, the unknown man can actually be heard saying, “I am sorry there is no service” which as we all know is one of the automated recorded responses one can get to phone calls. Nevertheless, Morgan got the answer right and eventually left the show with all his winnings totaling around Rs. 60 lakhs.

What do you think? Was it simply a service message or could there be more to the story? Tell us your thoughts!

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