Brave Beed Cop Denied Job After Her Sex Change Surgery Will Now Help People Who Feel Trapped

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for their rights for a long time, trying to get acceptance from the society. It is no secret that the people belonging to this community face discrimination on a regular basis, whether it is from their family or their peers. As a result, they are scared to own their identity and sexuality.

A female constable in Beed decided to challenge norms and finally embrace her identity as a man by getting a sex change surgery.

29-year-old Lalita Salve had grabbed eyeballs when she submitted an application to undergo sex change surgery and appealed to be reinstated as a male constable. She told Times of India that she would have committed suicide had it not been for her family supporting her through it.

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Although the police had rejected her application on November 20, she moved to the Bombay High Court on Thursday. Lalita who now prefers to be called Lalit has said that she now wants to counsel people who are facing similar conditions such as herself.

According to a report in Mid-day, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had intervened and asked the DGP to let Salve continue service after surgery as a male constable as this was “rarest of rare cases”.

He also added that as far as the technical difficulties are concerned, they would be ironed out soon and Salve would have her wish fulfilled.

He extended his support to Salve and added,

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“The eligibility criteria while recruiting women, such as height and weight, are different. The DGP brought this to my notice, but I told him to accept Salve’s request and allow her the leave she needs to undergo the surgery. She will be retained as a male employee after the operation.”

Talking about the support she received from her family she said she fears for people who go through a similar condition and added,

“There are many people like me who suffer just like me. Fearing social stigma and also because of lack of knowledge, they rarely open up.

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I fear many of them might commit suicide. I am fortunate to have a supportive family and know that not all parents in the country would have the same mindset.”

People who need her assistance are welcome to her hometown in Beed and she will not hesitate to travel to their places if the need arises.

We definitely more people like Salve to help people who are going through a hard time because they are forced to hide their sexuality. We hope her application is accepted soon and she can embark on her new journey.