Man Learns An Important Lesson On Consent For Insisting To Hug A Woman Co-Worker

It’s high time that the governments all over the world take efforts to introduce a brand new subject in the high school syllabus. A subject that trains young men about what ‘NO’ means. A subject that trains the young women to use the word ‘NO’ effectively – a subject called ‘CONSENT’.

The ongoing hullaballoo of shaming sexual harassers worldwide, no matter their race, finances or political footing, has certainly, encouraged the sufferers to speak up. From top-notch celebrities to the woman in the street, people are coming forth to share their story of the unfortunate misconduct, calling out the culprits at the peak of their voices.

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One such woman took to Reddit to share an absolutely unsolicited gesture by her co-worker. He apparently ‘just wanted to exchange a friendly hug’ with her. The woman penned down the entire incident stating that her co-worker went on insisting her for a hug and could not simply take a ‘NO’ for an answer until the manager who overheard them interrupted to the woman’s rescue.

Here’s how the woman narrated the entire icky episode:

A coworker asked me for a hug last night. from TwoXChromosomes

Redditors within no time lashed out at the tyrant in-disguise and taught him some much-needed lessons on consent.

1.As you don’t owe any explanations for saying ‘no’.

2. Forcing someone doesn’t qualify to be open-mindedness!

3. Perks of having sensible seniors.

4. No ifs and buts required!

5. People’s opinion should not matter.

6. Tyrants are omnipresent!

7. Even kids suffer

Asking for a friendly hug to your co-workers might not really be a big deal.┬áBut compelling them to do it despite them saying a straight ‘no’ is definitely not a ‘gentleman’s thing’.