Conman Serving A 24 Year Jail Sentence For Fraud Pulls Off Scam Worth ₹7Cr From Prison!

The weirdest and most unexpected places to commit a crime are either a police station or the home of a policeman, but no criminal would dare to pull off a crime from behind the bars (or so we thought).

Well, a conman from Nigeria just proved this wrong!

Hope Olusegun Aroke was nabbed by the police in 2012 for scamming people for money under false pretense and using forgery. Four years back, he was sentenced to the Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos under the charges of fraud, reports News 18.

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But the conman somehow managed to build a network of accomplices inside the prison and ran a scam worth $1 million (Rs. 7 crores) that cheated innocent people from around the world. Authorities at Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said that Hope was using internet and other facilities required to connect to the outside world from the prison. He also used his hospital visits to escape from the prison to meet his family and attend social gatherings a number of times, reports BBC.

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Hope also used his wife’s bank account to make required transactions and had a fake name to keep his track records secret. He had bought a luxury car and homes during his stay at the prison.

Authorities have found out that some officers from the prison staff are involved in Hope’s scam. They have also arrested two officers who allegedly helped Hope to get fake medical reports and treatment from a hospital outside prison’s premises.

Now that’s a daredevil scam for sure! Would you dare to pull-off something like this ever?

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