People Share Pics Of Weird Toilet Signs That Left Them Confused At Their Most Crucial Moment

Have you ever gone to the toilet in a public place and gotten confused with the signs on the doors? As in, you couldn’t figure out which one’s for men and which one’s for women?

Representative Image

Well, even if you have, we are pretty sure you haven’t come across these bizarre ones that will leave you scratching your head.

Taking to Twitter, a user @krownnist shared a pic of a signboard outside a toilet that left her standing still in confusion for 2 minutes.

It was only after her friend went inside both the toilets that they were able to determine which one was for whom.

“We think left one is for women because the right one has broad shoulders and left one is wearing a skirt. both washrooms from inside looked the same though so this answer is not full proof and the search continues.”

Looking at her confused state, people online flooded her post with pictures of some weird and problematic signs outside public toilets.

In desperate need of a gardener.

Oh, deer!

Medical guys, this one’s only for you.

Who has the patience to solve a puzzle at such a crucial time?

Seriously, WHY?

Hanging by a thread, literally.

Cult fav.

Can someone explain what are these?

What about this?

Have you ever seen this?

Funny much?

Here are some that scream sexist.

Why do people use all their creativity while making signboards for toilets? Don’t they realize the urgency of the moment? Keep it simple for God’s sake!

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