Jaipur Restaurant Has ‘Saree’ & ‘Mundu’ As Loo Signs, Desis Have A Fun Time Decoding It

Keeping loo signs basic and informative is the least we can do to help people avoid any kind of public embarrassment. But not everyone thinks this way.

Some use their creative keedas to come up with signs that not just confuse us but intimidate us to use the public washroom in the first place. This is exactly what happened at a restaurant in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Representative Image

Taking to Twitter, podcaster Ravi Handa shared pictures of the signs from a South Indian restaurant. The two signs are ought to confuse many as it’s very difficult to guess which one is for whom by just looking at the popular South Indian attires, a mundu (for men) and a saree (for women).

Captioning the post, Handa wrote:

“Request to all restaurants – please start using English to indicate bathrooms. Stop relying on our fashion sense.”

For those who didn’t get what the signs meant, Handa clarified:

“Left with a slanted line is indicating a saari, so female. Right with a straight line coming down from the waist is indicating a lungi/dhoti/mundu, so male. Restaurant is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.” (sic)

It even took him a couple of seconds to identify.

People online had a good laugh on seeing the signs.

If you think you’ve seen enough then take a look at these hilarious toilet signs that are going to make you go ROFL. Yaar, har cheez me dimaag lagana zaroori nhi hai. Let people pee in peace.

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